What type of feedback does Google want?

Sullivan gave these examples:

  • More control over titles?
  • Sitelinks?
  • Things we don’t do that you’d want?
  • What you’d do with markup or other ways to help?


Hey SEO folks. We're curious about what's top-of-mind in your hopes and dreams about how Google displays listings. More control over titles? Sitelinks? Things we don't do that you'd want? What you'd do with markup or other ways to help?


How do I give my feedback?

There are currently a number of suggestions from the SEO community. If you have any ideas or if specific thoughts on the ways Google displays search results upset you, here is your chance to give Google your two cents.

To give your feedback, you need to be on Twitter, go to the tweet and click reply. You can reply multiple times, with multiple ideas and you can attach images and videos of your suggestions.

Will it matter?

Who knows what will come of the suggestions given to Google. This is at least a signal that Google is listening and that will likely discuss that feedback internally.

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